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 Consultant, The World Bank                        &

     Independent Journalist 

Flavius Mihaies, a French national, joined the World Bank in 2013 as a Consultant and in his current role provides strategic communication assistance to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as well as analytical and operational support to the Secretariat of the Global Environment Facility (GEF, the largest source of public international funding for projects to address global environmental challenges). He previously worked for the United States Congress, think tanks, international organizations and the private sector on the elaboration and analysis of public policy and development assistance.

Mr. Mihaies travels frequently to the Middle East, where he volunteered in a United Nations camp for Syrian refugees and witnessed the impact of the war on civilians and displaced populations in Damascus, Manbij, Homs, Kobane, Erbil and other towns in Iraq and Syria.

His interest lies at the intersection of development, conflict resolution, technology and communication. He enjoys sharing stories from the field that have touched, moved and inspired him and hopes it will help foster change. Follow him on Twitter @byflavius and connect on LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/flavm.

Recent work: The Dreams of Syrian Refugees (also in Français and العربية)

Data journalism: datajournos.com. Read the coverage in Technical.ly, The DC Data Journalism meetup turned homework into investigations, here

Shout! News: shout.news, fb.com/weareshoutnews and twitter.com/weareshoutnews

360/VR journalism: 360-degree VR film in a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq (also on YouTube), with postproduction by Joey Cathey. This exercise in VR filmmaking intends to convey daily life and conditions in this United Nations-managed camp with the purpose of starting a conversation. Watch as is or with a VR headset (as Google Cardboard). We're sharing this film with school students. Please contact flaviusoxford(at)gmail.com.

Upcoming book: A memoir with political insights about Syria. Sign up for update.